Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday: Rue Royale

I discovered Rue Royale somewhere in the myspace world about 5 or 6 years ago.
loved their sound, and downloaded their ep.
Well as time wore on, and hard-drives crashed... i lost and somewhat forgot about them.
til i discovered the amazing power of the i-cloud a few weeks ago and re downloaded a ton of old music i had. 
Rue Royale being one of them... and i fell in love again.
its a sweet spirited worship sound, with profound lyrics and catchy tunes.
I'm so glad i re-discovered them, i can't wait to listen to their newer stuff.
you should check them out.

Friday, April 27, 2012

It's not just...another day.. (ITS GIVEAWAY DAY)

And the winner is.........................

Teresa from One Fine Tree!
(i just emailed you with info)

Thanks for everyone playing a long... hopefully we can do more free stuff in the future.
Be sure to check out Plumcake and the Lost and Found and get your own goodies!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday: Kye Kye (pt.2) live

While in Nashville last weekend, i got to spend a little bit of time with Luke while he was there, i also got to see Kye Kye's live set, which was awesome as expected.
They just released a remix album of all the song on their ep.
which, you know me... i love some remixes :)
Also, they debuted a new song, and its catchy... and it makes me want to dance.
since my iphone wasn't so great i stole a youtuber's capture of it...

Also, one of my favorite songs... they did acoustic at relevant... check that out too.
 You chased my heart so I could see, (1Jo.4:19)
but I stood unacceptable. (Ro.1:21)
you called my name with infinite time (Eph.1:4)
and I lost sight so easily (Eph.4:18)

then oh, I stood in the silence, I lay in the night, a voice in the stillness(Ps.46:10)(1Kgs.19:12)
“oh my love, you’re my child, take all these good things, soften your heart”. (Phlm:6)

Lord help me, Help me remember  (Jon.14:26)
flesh is weak, my spirit’s strong,  (Mat.26:41)
dressed the trees you saw their splendor
more to you, love I am more.  (Mat.6:26-34)

You found me as an empty room,
walls with holes
so eagerly to say “oh love you own It all” (Gal.4:1) (Eph.1:3 & 2:6)
Inside of me, flows out of me. (Col.1:27)(2Cor.5:17)

then oh, I stood in the silence, I lay in the night, a voice in the stillness
“oh my love you’re my child, take all these good things, soften your heart”.

Walk with me, tell me the width and depth of the raging sea,
the deepest blue could never define you (Gal.1:11-12)(1Jo.2:27)
 photos taken at 12th&porter in Nashville, TN

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What i wore: on my birthday :)

My birthday was just so great.
My friends truly spoil me!
With the husband out of town, any special day has the potential to be not so great... but really.. it was fantastic!
Early morning packages on my door step from my sister, breakfast with MaryEllen, and more flowers and gifts, shopping, and a really really amazing dinner with some great gals!
this is what i wore...
 dress: audrey 3+1
boots: aldo

don't forget you have a few more days to enter the giveaway! I'll be picking the winner on Friday!
love C

Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Monday: Sucre

sweet like sugar.
Their melodies are hypnotic, her voice flows like a river.
I have been anticipating this album release, and i am so happy it is now here.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday GIVE-AWAY!

So, it's my birthday!! (yayyy)
What better day than my birthday for my very FIRST giveaway!!
Two very talented friends of mine have contributed to this giveaway and i am so so excited about each one let me tell you about them:

First: the lost & found
Jessie Mathis, creator of the lost and found is the mother of two preshie babe's, Noah.Fox.&Sparrow.Song.  A friend to many, and a mighty talented and creative lady who i am happy to call friend (&neighbor) 
jessie creates unique and amazing cards hand crafted using old books, her sewing machine a little imagination and a lot of love.  She also just launched the lost&found vintage store,with a load of amazing digs! (check it out)

Jessie made 2 unique sets of cards for this give away, "sea" themed! They are amazing, each card is different and comes with an accompanying colored envelope.

Check out her

The next contributor is: plumcake 
Anna Naphtali Hollingsworth, is behind this darling shop that is filled with handcrafted earrings, rare vintage and antique finds and a little of this and that. I love plumcake so much, it's just my style, a little vintage and a little handmade.   
She is founder of the creative living project and her own photography business... and always has something new and inspiring up her sleeve!  She is quality, and such an inspiration! 
 She's got a darling baby girl Isabel, who's just the cutest little thing.
I am so excited Anna has added a pair of her fabulous earrings! I got a pair for my birthday last year and i always get compliments on them, they are too cute!
Check out Anna's

ps: anna is doing a spring break promo for the shop FREE SHIPPING if you use the code: shipforspring

Last but not least, you will also receive a vintage silk scarf, a gold clasp belt from a vintage shop in South Korea, and a vintage photograph of two best friends.

1. follow the blog
2. leave a comment, and tell me your birthday
3. tweet about the giveaway
4. facebook about the giveaway
5. blog about the giveaway
6. leave a comment with your favorite item from either shop 
7. follow their blogs here and here

For each one of these things you do (besides 1&2 because i'll already know) you are allowed to leave an additional comment, informing me of your extra entries. There are 7 different way's you can put your name in the pot!!!!
If you do not have a blog linked to your comment, be sure to leave me an email address so i can contact you if you win!
The winner will be chosen 2 weeks from today on Friday April, 27th.
best of luck!
(ps: i've added a page at the top that will directly link you to this page)

i can't wait!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Check out my guest post over at bonterue.. and see what some of my favorite spring things are!


lets talk about life.
when i think about my life, my childhood, all the years before these, i am happy.
the voice in my head is still that little girl.
and that little girl is proud of where she is.
i've done a lot of growing up and changing over the last couple of years.
i wasn't always so happy with where i was.
but for the first time in a really long time (maybe my whole life), i am completely and utterly content.
i've struggled my entire (the remembering years) of (un)contentment.
always longing for the next season, next chapter, without enjoying the one i'm in.
whether it was for it to be spring break, or christmas break, to be a year older, to drive, to have independence, to have more money, to get out of my small town, to have a boyfriend, to be married, to having a different job, to be older, to be more like so and so, to be the next something....
but for once.
i feel like i'm living the right way.
maybe it's because i'm "older".
maybe its from years of praying to be content.. and i finally just got it.
i dont know.
but i bless the lord.
true contentment brings a joy, and happiness that you won't find reading your daily list of blogs, or buying the next thing on your list of buys.
i know, and i proclaim 23 to be a year of life and enjoyment.
a year of contentment.
and maintaining it.
photo&skirt from:the lost and found

Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Monday: BDAY edition!!!!!: JTran original

So you guys are in for a real treat this week!!!
meet Jessica:

My eldest sister Jessica has always had a knack for making mixes.
I can't exactly remember when it started... maybe when i was in high school, and she was off at college discovering all new "college" music.
i don't really remember.
All I know is i have a cd case (remember those) full of mix cd's from years back from J.
Every mix has a title.
They usually came on a monthly basis.
It was perfect, nothing ever got old, and as i re-listen to old mixes i remember exactly what i was doing at that time in my life.
they are my memories.
(this is why i love music, because it becomes a memory)
As the years went on, and hard drives crashed, computers failed us... J's mixes slowly dwindled away.
And just like life always does... it goes on.
Sometimes i still catch myself listening to an '07 mix, and i am happy.
When J asked what i wanted for my birthday this year, i asked for a birthday mix!
So, on it you will find, some of my favorites; remixes, covers, and some guilty pleasures.
I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.
so here you go,
the aptly titled mix... 23, by jtran

(Also, download the 8tracks app to listen in your car, or wherever!!)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

So today marks the beginning of "Birthday Week 2012" 
I hope you like birthday's as much as i do...
It's going to be a fun week on the blog!!!!
Starting things off right tomorrow with a very very special Music Monday!!!
So stop by tomorrow for some MM goodness!

Meet Lady...

Lady-bug Hill
 Meet Lady, our little baby puppy girl.
We got her 2 weeks ago.. and it has been "puppy-love" ever since!
She is really the cutest thing ever... and for my first puppy she's just so perfect!
At this very moment she is curled up in a tiny ball by my feet snoring her heart out.
After a few days we started to discover that she is complete, or partially deaf. 
(which was really sad at first)  but... she knows no different, and she is doing so well with her sign language commands. 
 She's being spoiled rotten. 
And its so fun.
I'm glad to have a little shadow to keep me company.
Also, i now have the urge to watch every animal movie i've ever seen.. so i can appreciate them.
so on my list of 'movies to watch again' are Homeward bound, 101 dalmations, Beethoven, Marley and me, and it goes on. 
I hope you think she's cute..... cause if you haven't noticed (on instagram) you'll be seeing a lot of her from now on. She's my baby before babies. :) :)
 i love these, cause she's waggin' her tail so hard its invisible! :)

i love her.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Music Monday: Dylan Taylor(cover)

My husband is a drummer, so sometimes i find myself totally sucked in when he watches drum covers on youtube.  We watched this one the other night, and frankly i love it.
 Before you skim over this and don't give it a chance...
well.. just try.
I know rap is not everyones cup of tea, i appreciate a little bit of everything now and then.
I will say i for sure cant run on a treadmill without something in this nature. But to each his own.

There are a couple things (some ive mentioned before) that i absolutely love when it comes to music:
  • Remixes
  • Covers
  • Gang vocals
  • Live Claps
  • ...... annnnnnnd real drums with rap. (duh)

One time years ago before a Mates of State show, there was an opener "band" that was a dj and a drummer.  The DJ would occasionally set up a beat... and then drum another beat with the other drummer.
it was awesome. i loved it. And from then on, its been one of my favorites.

Anyways all that to say... i love this drumcover of Jay Z and Kanyes 'Nigga$ in Paris' by Dylan Taylor
(sorry for the language, but that $h*+ cray)