Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brighter Days.

Mondays are my saturdays. They are usually amazing, and beautiful. But on the slight chance they are yucky and rainy Luke stays home from work and i get to spend the day with him! Which makes a cloudy day so much better. But for a change this monday i got both sunshines.
Luke is leaving for a tour and will be gone for 7 weeks. So since he was leaving on tuesday (today) We spent all day monday hanging out and spendin' time together. It was great, and such a gorgeous day!

We ate lunch and walked around uptown.
Went to the park to see an Art Exhibit outside...
There are massive sculptures like this fellow:
It was cool, we acted like tourists and took tons of pics. (obviously)
Later that day we had a cookout with a ton of friends!
a blog on that later!!

I miss him already. And he's only been gone a few hours. But i am super excited for him, and he's livin' a dream so it's not so bad.
And, well its my birthday month. so, i can cry if i wanna.

Having a spouse that travels can be hard, and well even though this will be the longest stretch we've had so far.. there are still things that i've learned to do to keep me happy while he's away. Do you have any bribes for yourself when your other half is gone?
tell me about them!

also: Check back later on images from the cookout!



Two Happy Hearts said...

aw, fun photos! you two are adorable :)
and i totally understand how it feels for your other half to be traveling around. my husband was touring for the first 7 months or so of our relationship. so tough!

my advice? spend time with your very best girlfriends. do lots of fun "girls night" things - cheesy movies, chocolates, thrifting...the works! it helps to build those relationships while your man is gone ;)

Anonymous said...

These are cute photos :) xo.

Mary Ellen Skye said...

i wanna go to that park with you!!!

Jessica said...


Rachel said...

I change things in the house while Jimmy is gone in Nicaragua or throw away stuff that he never uses..It is the best time for that! ;)
I could have a realllly clean house in 7 weeks...

Anonymous said...

My husband was deployed for a year. When I found myself missing him I'd go shopping for shoes. Needless to say, I accumulated quite the collection ;) It also helped we were living in Germany at the time so I was able to travel.
Love your blog. Your photos are always amazing.

Liv Szari said...

I have(had) those earrings you're wearing! I lost one of them during our move into our new place! Boo =(

Cute blog! =)

Meg said...

i think i am going to start having to offer myself a pedicure or massage every time alex goes away...but that could get really expensive so maybe just a new nail polish color :]

Teresa said...

Looks like you had so much fun. I love days with my Mr. When he's gone, I do a lot of sewing or crafting to keep my mind off of missing him.