Monday, August 5, 2013

Rescued from the bushes... and other thoughts on a mysterious God.

We play a roll, wherever we are.
Its our job, its our relationships, its what we do;
assistant, stylist, mom, manager, teacher...
listener, encourager, grace giver, leader...

I serve a God, who is Almighty.
It's who He is, its what He does, its [kind of] unbelievable;
father, comforter,  gentle, righteous, redeemer, restorer...
powerful, mighty, jealous, fierce, fighter, advocate, furious...

Somedays, i dont know what role i am to fill.
I wander around in the dark feeling for something familiar, some sort of bearings to show me the way.
Should i flee or fight, should i press in or back up?
Am i the victim, or the warrior?

Sometimes we hear about the God who healed, or saved.
And sometimes we hear about all the "taking aways" {Job 1:21}

Lately, when i position myself to learn, He teaches.
What if there is something to that?
I am humble.... He is righteous.
I listen.... He speaks.
I need an advocate... He pleads my case.
I run out... He pours out.
I knock.... He answers
I am weak....He is strong.

I'm not saying i have this all figured out... but I'm thinking that sometimes I need a God to rescue me, and i keep hiding in the bushes.
I want Him to pour out his spirit, but my hands are too busy carrying my baggage.

My attitude, my role, affects how I see my savior in [my] situations.

I keep discovering something new about Him.....But its always when something in me changes.

There is so much unknown, so much mystery. It can be frustrating.
But if there is something i do know, it's that He brings light to the dark, He restores, He heals, he makes all things N E W. He takes my brokenness aside and makes it beautiful.
And in the midst of dark times, when i don't know what role I'm filling, or He's filling, i can stand firm in these things.
Because He has been these things to me.
And for that i will spend my days trying to show Him any fraction of the praise He deserves.