Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hotlanta, balloons, and birthday parties! [image heavy]

This Weekend Luke and I headed to "hot-lanta" for 2 super kids birthday parties!
It was fun to get away and spend some time with one of our favorite families.
The Whittaker's
Carlos, Heather, Sohaila, Seanna, & Losiah

It was a joint bday party for Losiah, and Sohaila:
(and super sister Seanna)

It was a "balloon themed party" which was so cute and Heather did such a great job at coming up with great ideas for it!

(also can't get enough of this amazing blue couch, i pray i find a vintage jewel as good as this some day)

and awesome "dr. Seus cake" with popping of balloons instead of candles!

a balloon filled room, which definitely entertained the kids the whole time, and scared all of us every time one popped!
amazing porch.. precious Los, after his haircut! :)

Before and after of the balloon pops! sugar cookies on a stick! (dream)

(it took all i had to color in the lines while decorating these bad boys, and i only had to do a few!)

And this my friends, is what happens, when you throw a balloon party, sooner or later it was bound to happen. :)

After we left yesterday Luke said to me, "im so glad we get to be apart of that."
I knew what he meant, but i made him explain anyways. And its totally true. I am so glad that we have so many amazing friends. And im so glad to be apart of their lives, and have them in ours.
We are blessed.
Happy Weekending to ya!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Funday

Sundays are always real nice.
Especially when its spent with fun friends.
We had dinner with the Arnold's last night.
It was a good time.
lots of laughs and conversations about the strangest things.
Made plans for summer cookouts and i just can't even wait!
So glad Luke is home :)
even if its just for a little while.

St. Patricks day!

Thursday was St. Patricks day... as you all know.
I didn't do anything Irish really at all.
But i did have fun.
Mexican & Strawberry margaritas at Loca Lime
Pewter rose for dessert
(most magical looking restaurant ever!)
origami's hanging from the ceiling, twinkle lights, and indoor trees.
can't wait to go back!
The past week while Luke was out of town, i got in some quality girl time.
it was sweet.
glad to have friends who are around when my man isn't.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

more music love...

Music Love
Okay, so im sure im creating some reputation by always talking about "amazing bands" and who you should listen to etc.. i mean.. who am i to say?
But REALLY, Charlotte is over flowing with amazing musicians and i can't help but spread the word!!
I've talked about Matrimony before on the blog, but they've been writing new music, touring like crazy, and are about to wind up their SXSW tour this weekend.. (which is so exciting, and if you live in charlotte you should definitely come out on monday)

anyways the band consists of some pretty amazing people:
Ashlee Brown being one of them... who is one of my close girlfriends.
Check out this video of them in Texas this past week... its one of their new songs, that i cant get out of my head.
Also- how cute is Ashlee?? one of the most stylish & beautiful people i know!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Music Love

Guys check it out, my friend Jess over on Boho Baby Bump did a feature on the band Public Radio, (which also happens to be the band my husband, and best friends are in) Read it and check out the videos! I am really proud of all of them and so excited about this new album!
Read her post and leave her some love :)
click the photo to visit her blog!

Also, their first EP "sweet child" is on itunes.


Monday, March 14, 2011

daylight savings

Hey guys!
So glad we finally sprung forward! That extra hour of sunshine makes me feel good, get more done, and be more motivated. And I didn't waste anytime jumping into that "more done" attitude. Sunday we had some friends over and it was so fun just getting to hang out with everyone. Today i've been cleaning, ran some errands, and heading to the gym in a bit.
Here are some photos of our hang-time last night :) love my friends.


see you later.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Ocean

I've been dreaming of sand and sunshine.
I have already started planning 2 beach trips in 2 months!
So excited i can hardly wait!
and my birthday is so soon, i have so much to look forward to.

Im honestly more of an umbrella and a book on the beach kind of girl, but i do love relaxing there. It's just a major ordeal to cover every inch of my skin in spf75! haha ( i burn like a baby )
But looking at these photos makes for a dreamy afternoon.
Hope you're having a great weekend.
I wonder what kind of beach adventures everyone else will be taking!

(photos from charleston 1&4 years ago/ & Mexico '09)