Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I wore: Welcome June

June came so soon! 
Hard to believe we are half way through this year already,
time sure does fly faster the older you get. I was having a conversation with my sister about cars.. (funny i know) and how in my head a '2000 model car' to me sounds brand new... and really its 12 years old!!! hahah puts my little old 1997 car under the "antique" label.. hahah jkjk.
The weather has been so so nice here in the south.  I thought for sure we'd miss our spring and head straight to hot and humid 90 degree days in february!! But, we've had an amazing spring.. and now we are still having some nice 75 degree days sprinkled in the hot ones! So so great, makes me happy!
Went to the monthly antique mart at Metrolina this weekend.. just to look, got some cool scissors but that's all. It just felt so nice to walk around and feel the breeze! 
Here's what i wore:
 top: h&m
shorts: 7 for all man kind 
boots: mossimo
bag: tignanello

more photos from the day:


Alaythea said...

Lol! Our Jeep is a 2000 and I still think of it as just being a few years old then I realize "Whoa, this thing is almost in the teens!" I feel like each year is going by faster and faster, it's kinda scary. And I love your hair, btw!

Liska Cole said...

massimo booties huh... gonna have to get a pair!

Liska Cole said...


juliet jones said...

so cute! love your style :)

Sydney said...

okay. this outfit is adorable. and the pictures of your wedding are just gorgeous. i love the one of his first look at you walking through the door...so so cute! :D

Chloé Mae said...

cute! love those booties and the cut offs :)