Thursday, April 12, 2012


lets talk about life.
when i think about my life, my childhood, all the years before these, i am happy.
the voice in my head is still that little girl.
and that little girl is proud of where she is.
i've done a lot of growing up and changing over the last couple of years.
i wasn't always so happy with where i was.
but for the first time in a really long time (maybe my whole life), i am completely and utterly content.
i've struggled my entire (the remembering years) of (un)contentment.
always longing for the next season, next chapter, without enjoying the one i'm in.
whether it was for it to be spring break, or christmas break, to be a year older, to drive, to have independence, to have more money, to get out of my small town, to have a boyfriend, to be married, to having a different job, to be older, to be more like so and so, to be the next something....
but for once.
i feel like i'm living the right way.
maybe it's because i'm "older".
maybe its from years of praying to be content.. and i finally just got it.
i dont know.
but i bless the lord.
true contentment brings a joy, and happiness that you won't find reading your daily list of blogs, or buying the next thing on your list of buys.
i know, and i proclaim 23 to be a year of life and enjoyment.
a year of contentment.
and maintaining it.
photo&skirt from:the lost and found


TheLovelyHunter said...

praise the Lord! and i hope your birthday is freaking awesome!

Two Happy Hearts said...

beautiful post! thanks so much for sharing your heart. it encouraged me so much! oh, and happy birthday!

gianna caputo said...

super cute! i enjoyed your guest post at bonte rue! mine is coming up anyday now! :)

Katherine Rainey said...

Charis! I had no idea you were 23. I thought you were at least 25/26. Either way- happy late birthday! Twenty three is a lovely year!