Monday, January 30, 2012

Sister times.

This weekend was filled with sister times.
My sister Rachel is the adventurous one.
She's spent the last couple of years living in S.Korea... and when she came home this past fall we thought we had her for good....
but she's at it again, off to Seoul for more adventures.
Everyone in my family is in a season of change this January.
My parents just relocated  hours away for new jobs.
Rachel is moving back to Korea.
and Me and my other sister just transitioned jobs as well.
2012 is for change.
it is all good.. and quite a bundle of blessings.
This weekend my parents came in to town to bid adieu to Rach, and we celebrated over an italian feast toasting newness for us all.
it was sweet.
The rest of the weekend was filled with food, and coffee, and sister time.
i love my sisters. and the rare and special times when we are all together.

 they came to visit me at work... and then we had dinner at the crepe cellar with "honorary sister" Mary Ellen. 

happy monday to you all.
may all the change 2012 brings your way be favor. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

just some photos...

 (my new vintage decanter... so in love!)
amazing TJ's packaging... and my favorite valentine's candyyyyy!

 Hope your week is going well.. today was the most beautiful day, 69 and sunny.. in January made this girl happy :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday: Oren Lavie

music monday... aaaaahhhh. Several months ago my hard-drive crashed unexpectedly (i mean like you ever expect your entire computer life to just poof be gone!) BUT... i lost all of my music.. photos...etc from forever.  It was sad, it was like my youth had died. :( wahhh... Oh well, im kindof over that now,ive had time to heal :). Ha.. i say all of this because i just recently got my computer a new brain... and its weird no longer having my music or anything .. and well im not as good as i used to be with finding new music. (pandora killed our need to discover.. or did it birth it?) 
So anyways.. to be nostalgic i had to make a little more effort today.. i couldn't just scroll through my itunes.. i had to go on Myspace! (remember that) This song was one of my favorites.. and pair it with a super cute music video.. and you get this weeks MUSIC MONDAY! Hope you enjoy

Her morning elegance, : Oren Lavie

random fact... this video won a 2009 grammy nom for Best short form music video.

Monday, January 16, 2012


In honor of me returning to the salon after a year and half.....
here are some pinteresting hair-inspirations for your day.

... i could go on.
i love being inspired by textures and colors and individuals style.
there is beauty in a messy bun... big hair, and a sleek part...
happy week to ya, maybe try something new this week with your hair, a couple of bobbi pins and some hairspray never did a girl wrong ;)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Party Inspiration.

I've spent the entire day in bed.. trying to build back up my immune system.
i think my sleeping all day method has been working!
starting to feel better... hopefully much better, in time for a birthday party tonight.
its a 'mad men' themed party and i dont want to miss any opportunity to tease up my hair and get fancied up. even if it is in the form of  a sickly sixties lady.
Source: via Candace on Pinterest

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

turn my sick into sunshine...

im sick. and its been rainy. 
i need the sun. 
and my health.

Monday, January 9, 2012

a gloomy weekend, filled with fun.

 This weekend involved gloomy skies, meeting friends, new driving gloves (courtesy of J.math) watching dance practice, a cocktail party, the longest nap i've ever taken, and a photoshoot.
and its not over yet. (til tomorrow)

Monday, January 2, 2012

DIY: wall art.

This piece is pretty self explanatory... but for a Christmas gift for my friend Mary Ellen, i made this wall art for her home.
I remembered her talking about really wanting some new art to hang up around her house.. i knew this would be a great, and easy gift to give!
It was super easy... the hardest part was figuring out what i wanted it to say!!

I have always been a fan of the wrapping paper you can find at stores like papersource, and other crafty, paper gift shops.  We actually have several from all over that we've framed and hung in our home... of maps and butterflies and its some of my favorite pieces. 
They are all typically a generic size (and super affordable) (close to 20" by 30") Which is so very convenient because IKEA sells a frame the perfect size!
A "Paris monument" map, made up the perfect pale pinks, greens and blues.

my supplies, a sponge brush, white paint, and alphabet stencils

My Ikea frame in white (they also have galvanized and black) 

and voila!
a practical, affordable piece of art!

Hello January!

Welp, January has finally decided to show up.
i cant believe how fast 2011 went blah blah blah blah blah......byyye.
No, it sure was a good year... had its ups and downs, but ultimately i feel each year gets better and better... in my book!
So that means 2012 will surely be incredible.
1. I am starting a new job!!! yay! 
and i just have this feeling that everything else will be new too. :)
I've had a whole week off because of christmas break.. and it's been nice.  I feel all caught up on "winter cleaning... and baking and feel good about the newness of the year.
Yesterday was a gloriously beautiful day outside... 65 degrees and sunny will always make this girl smile! And that really is what put this year off to a great start!

I hate new years resolutions......... well not really i just really have always followed the philosophy of that old Carolyn Arrend's song "New years day" that... ' This will be my resolution...every day is new years day..'
Really though.. i cling to His new mercies every morning and i really don't like the guilty feeling of breaking a resolution... drinking too many sodas, or forgetting to work out.. or whatever.  Because January 1st can be every day.. and we get a new opportunity to be new. And frankly without that, i wouldn't make it.