Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Monday: BDAY edition!!!!!: JTran original

So you guys are in for a real treat this week!!!
meet Jessica:

My eldest sister Jessica has always had a knack for making mixes.
I can't exactly remember when it started... maybe when i was in high school, and she was off at college discovering all new "college" music.
i don't really remember.
All I know is i have a cd case (remember those) full of mix cd's from years back from J.
Every mix has a title.
They usually came on a monthly basis.
It was perfect, nothing ever got old, and as i re-listen to old mixes i remember exactly what i was doing at that time in my life.
they are my memories.
(this is why i love music, because it becomes a memory)
As the years went on, and hard drives crashed, computers failed us... J's mixes slowly dwindled away.
And just like life always does... it goes on.
Sometimes i still catch myself listening to an '07 mix, and i am happy.
When J asked what i wanted for my birthday this year, i asked for a birthday mix!
So, on it you will find, some of my favorites; remixes, covers, and some guilty pleasures.
I hope you enjoy it as much as i do.
so here you go,
the aptly titled mix... 23, by jtran

(Also, download the 8tracks app to listen in your car, or wherever!!)

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