Monday, April 2, 2012

Music Monday: Dylan Taylor(cover)

My husband is a drummer, so sometimes i find myself totally sucked in when he watches drum covers on youtube.  We watched this one the other night, and frankly i love it.
 Before you skim over this and don't give it a chance...
well.. just try.
I know rap is not everyones cup of tea, i appreciate a little bit of everything now and then.
I will say i for sure cant run on a treadmill without something in this nature. But to each his own.

There are a couple things (some ive mentioned before) that i absolutely love when it comes to music:
  • Remixes
  • Covers
  • Gang vocals
  • Live Claps
  • ...... annnnnnnd real drums with rap. (duh)

One time years ago before a Mates of State show, there was an opener "band" that was a dj and a drummer.  The DJ would occasionally set up a beat... and then drum another beat with the other drummer.
it was awesome. i loved it. And from then on, its been one of my favorites.

Anyways all that to say... i love this drumcover of Jay Z and Kanyes 'Nigga$ in Paris' by Dylan Taylor
(sorry for the language, but that $h*+ cray)