Friday, March 30, 2012

What i wore: girly with a side of grunge..

I hope you all have had an amazing week! I can't believe its already friday!
I've had a crazy, sweet little week. Excited for my weekend.
We got a new little pup! She is the sweetest, most cuddly little thing I've ever met. ( im in love )
If you follow me on instagram im sure you've seen how obsessed with her i am. :)
I'll have a post dedicated to our little lady this weekend, so you can all meet her.
Happy friday friends.
I hope the sun is shining where you are.

top: odille
dress: xxi
belt: xxi
boots: aldo

Thursday, March 22, 2012

what i wore: maxi to the max.

I love the maxi skirt/dress trend. 
its so convenient for my long pale legs.
Its perfect for work, when its a million degrees and i still want to look professional, but still feel a breeze.
the one downfall to them though is my bad habit of stepping on the hem every time i go to stand up, therefore "shanking" myself.
how embarrassing! Oh well.. ill be more careful in the future!  (hah)

grey vest: linq// anthropologie
maxi skirt: h.i.p. // nordstrom
boots: aldo
belt: XXI
lace necklace: XXI
watch: urban outfitters

diy- paper flowers (design sponge)

Inspire yourself... visit design sponge today and check out this awesome diy on paper flowers.
i love these colors.. and this idea of flowers that never die.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Music monday: The Hunger Games

In honor of The Hunger Games soundtrack & movie release this week...
i bring you safe&sound featuring my favorites the Civil wars (and taylor)
i like this song.
I totally am Katniss when im listening.
aaaah i can not wait for this movie.
and this soundtrack.
happy monday.
& happy listening.

the full soundtrack includes...
1. "Safe & Sound" (feat. The Civil Wars) by Taylor Swift
2. "Eyes Wide Open" by Taylor Swift
3. "Abraham’s Daughter" by Arcade Fire
4. "The Ruler & The Killer" by Kid Cudi
5. "Run Daddy Run" (feat. Pistol Annies) by Miranda Lambert
6. "Kingdom Come" by The Civil Wars
7. "One Engine" by The Decemberists
8. "Take The Heartland" by Glen Hansard
9. "Lover Is Childlike" by The Low Anthem
10. "Dark Days" by Punch Brothers
11. "Tomorrow Will Be Kinder" by The Secret Sisters
12. "Just a Game" by Birdy
13. "Oh Come & Sing" by Ella Mae Bowen
14. "Rules" by Jayme Dee
15. "Reaping Day" by Carolina Chocolate Drops
16. "Give Me Something" I’ll Remember by Neko Case

Friday, March 16, 2012

jump for joy....

thank the lord for sunshine, 80 degrees, iced coffee, breaks at work, and my new favorite back alley behind our salon.
i caught the joy... for like 5 hours after my "notjustcoffee" iced caramel latte.
seriously cant drink that coffee with out letting joyful noises out of my mouth.
i talked 90mph for the next several hours.
and was happy.
simply that.
because i love spring time.... and the happiness it brings.

 black shortie cardi- target
blouse- XXI
pants- XXI

and to prove my joyfulness... this folks is my little girl face.
this is as real as it gets guys.
how embarrassing...  yet vulnerably perfect is this?

if you could take a picture of my soul... it would look almost exactly like this...

happy weekend friends, i pray you catch the joy and sunshine in your lives this weekend 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

small little details.

I feel like over the past couple of months i've come to this place where i feel like our house is suddenly becoming our "home".  (after almost 3 years!) There was such a long period of time where we didn't have furniture... (or furniture that somewhat was cohesive) there was always something i wanted to change.  slowly but surely the list of "projects" is becoming more of just for "change" instead of out of necessity.  There are still.. (and probably always will be) new stuff i want to buy, or change in my home, but thats just because i like change.. i love newness.  Its a form a therapy for my little soul.  If i cant buy something new (which i'll never be able to justify doing that always).. i need to change something so i feel the change, its just me. i got it from my momma.
I usually do these things when Luke is out of town.  I'll stay up til midnight cleaning a random closet, or scrubbing toilets... and get this bright idea that everything on the walls need to be rearranged.  I take everything down.. make one billion holes.. and  'adjust' the decor.
or sometimes i move all the furniture around.. just to put it all back in its right place. (ugh)
All this to say is, Luke is out of town.. for the next long while on and off.. and well i have a few new "mini projects" up my sleeves! One of which im really excited about, its long over due and i cant wait to share with all of my friends! 

About a month or so ago, i was on the major hunt for an old metal cart to add to my kitchen.  I see them at antique markets, and shops all the time.. usually at one extreme or the next price wise.  I had my eye on a couple at our local 'Sleepy Poet' antique mall.. but both were 50-100$ (no thank you) But i knew i had seen them for as low as 20-25$ other places.
after a couple of weeks, with no luck... i headed to Metrolina exp.. a monthly antique exhibit not to far from my house where people travel all over to set up shop.
I had my list.
my price.
and i was on a mission.
I found a cute little one.. in pale rusted yellow, for 25$... i told the kind gentleman i only had a 20$ bill and i'd be so happy to give it to him for that cute little cart, and he obliged!
a little white paint to freshen it up.. and voila!
I've used it as a mini bar for parties.. and as of now it just serves as extra storage for cute little lovelies.
i love it. 
in the future i can use it as a side table, in a living room or even a bedside table. anywhere really.
shoot, i need to get another one :)
I'm a sucker for knick-knack... cute little nothings that make me smile.. and im always looking for new ways to display them, so i can always see them.
And this did just the trick.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hair how to: Rita Hayworth waves

A forever21 closeup
Rita Hayworth hair how to:

Thursday, March 8, 2012

phone pics.

random photos from my iphone

 breakfast with luke.

porch times and coffee with friendsies/neighbors on 70 degree days

 new tattoo

photo shoot for work

random, but such cute things i found at target... anthropologie inspired, for sure (both under 16$ c'mon! )

 such a random entry... nothing cool happening over here.
thought i'd dump some memories from the last week or so.
the weather here in charlotte is supposed to be super nice for the next several days!! so excited.
happy weekend friends!

Monday, March 5, 2012

music monday: remixes

I'm not sure if its cool or not, but i am the biggest fan of remixed songs, cover songs, and acoustic versions.
i guess maybe because usually when i like a song, i like it so much that  i listen to it on repeat for 300 times... and then when i find another version.. its like a brand new song, but i know all the words.
and whats better than that?
i heard this version of one of my all time favorite songs by stars and it is such a cinematic remix, that i immediately imagined myself running down the streets of paris searching for my long lost lover.
(woah.. intense i know, i love remixes that much though)
the lyrics in this song, are scribbled on the inside of my soul...
and the stringed instruments of this version are oh so romantic.
okay just listen.
and then go listen to the original version.. because it is just as good.
okay, now on to the very opposite extreme....
covers of rap songs. (naturally)
my "whatever you like" by Anya marina.
i have a notch on my bucket list to make an album someday that is solely cover rap songs.
and Anya Marina fueled my inspiration with  TI's 'whatever you like'
and its super catchy... and one of my favorites.
i usually find myself laughing when i realize im singing this like a worship song in my car.
but whatever.

What are some of your favorite remixes/cover songs..
im always looking for new ones...
its kind of a hobby.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

what i wore: stormy skies

for this morning after stormy weather, i dressed in black and white.
of course.. i had to work as well.. so that kind of influenced this outfit too.
im a girl that may never get tired of stripes.
especially tim burton-esque black and white stripes.
love them.

 shirt: poof
dress: forever xxi
belt: vintage
tights: target
boots: aldo
purse: h&m
bracelets: nordstrom 

photo of my photographer :)