Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yadkin Family...

Community:  It's something our generation strives for.  From facebook, twitter, blogs, I feel like the term 'social media' was penned just for us.  We all want it.. even if we don't know thats what we want.  I think its something that is stitched in our soul.. something the lord designed in us from the have and to long for community and fellowship.  I've grown up going through different seasons... of lots of community.. and then, lack of it.  Moving to Charlotte 4 years ago, knowing virtually no one had the potential of being a lonely time. But I was almost immediately immersed in community,  Charlotte has something special.  Maybe its the big small city vibe.. or all the artistic souls looking and longing for the same thing.  But it really is one of a kind.  Charlotte may not be our home forever.. but the community that is here will always be home.  Yadkin ave is the best street in Charlotte.. (just sayin) we live next door and across the street from some of our best friends! Spontaneous game nights and picnics at the park never get old.  This is my yadkin family:

Jacob and Jessie
 Luke, with grape teeth...


 Sparrow, Noah, Jessie

 Jon, and sweet Sparrow


 Sparrow eating... and The Arnolds
 This was a perfect summer night.. so fun.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

photo friday vol.7

This is a photo from our picnic last weekend.. more good ones to come! Have a great weekend.

The Mathis family: Jessie, Sparrow, Noah & Mark

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hi friends!  

Happy Saturday!!!!! So glad its the weekend.
I am currently resting on the couch (after a long day at work) with my feet up, a clean house, and Laura Croft tomb raider ;) awaiting the arrival of my family!
My sister Rachel who just moved back to the states from Korea has been home for about a week and a half and her birthday just happened so my family is coming up to Charlotte to have a birthday cookout and a sleepover! I am excited.. this is the first time we've done anything like this in two years!  Anyways.. im just waitin' around. anticipating and chargin' my camera battery. :)  Hope you all have  a restful and fun weekend.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's in my bag?

I have always loved seeing others "what's in my bag".. and personally i have always wanted to do one.. but i always carried practically a suitcase around with me my whole life 'til recently when i purchased this bag.  It has perfect pockets for organization and has helped me break my habit of carrying granola bars, Starbucks cups, and an extra pair of shoes around with me, so in honor of staying organized here is a little peek at what's inside my bag!
1. my iphone/map/camera/connection to all things social/what would i do without it?
2. 4$ h&m shades 
3.Simpatico No. 42 solide parfume (anthropologie)
4. "Schuler & Son's Philadelphia" bag- (Anthropologie)
5. nine west wallet, i've had it for years.. i need a cute one asap.
6. "Russian Red"-(MAC)
7."free will"-(bare minerals)
8."lauren" -(BUXOM lips)
9."heather" -(BUXOM lips)
10. keys to my: house, car, &heart.

Ginny's birthday!

 Ginny turned 25! so we celebrated!! Life has been ultra busy lately.. so it was good to just have a chill night celebrating someone we love.  (the boys were there too.. but we all just wanted photos of ourselves i guess ha) 

 love you G.