Friday, June 11, 2010


Sometimes i have moments in my life... where i think of what the 'snapshot' of the season im in looks like... and think-- if someone wouldve told me i was doing this.. 2,3 years ago.. i would never believe them.
(this is why i know if we could see the future it'd screw things up.. back to the future is a good lesson to learn)

The snapshot of this season im in right now is ridiculously awesome.
and im so blessed.
My beloved.

Luke's in Los Angeles this weekend-- and im at the beach.... both on work trips :)
missing him ridiculously.
c. hill

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Jimmy Brown&Ashley Hardee Brown aka: Matrimony

"Matrimony formed in December 09 out of a common desire to make uncompromising music. Their goal is to write God honest songs about things that actually matter and to play them with as much heart and vigor as they can. Jimmy Brown & Ashlee Hardee Brown play memorable, trustworthy, triumphant almost spiritual sounding music that gets inside your head."

They are dear friends..
and they are amazing musicians... They just released their Ep. The Storm & The Eye.
its awesome... you should check it out.
you'll be humming along in no time.