Tuesday, October 15, 2013

His eye is on our Sparrow...

Sparrow Song, this sweet, bubbly, kitty loving, tow headed, singing angel, 
She is so so dear to both Luke and me, and this week brings us to the final (of 3) heart surgeries.
Please join us in prayer as we lift her up, and also her parents and family.
There are also other ways you can contribute;

Since Sparrow was born with her defects she was rejected by all insurance agencies for health insurance.  They did manage to get her into a government pool for individuals with special needs.  The pool will assist with a fraction of Sparrow's medical bills, but most likely won't cover much.  In September 2013, Sparrow had a heart catheter lab to determine that she was indeed a good candidate for the Fontan.  She was admitted and dismissed from the hospital all in the same day, but the bill was over $62,000.   - That is one test, one day... if you have any desire to help financially please visit their fundraising site here: DONATE

If you can't help financially but want to send some love, here are some practical things you can help with:
*Age-appropriate movies (DVD's)
*Books & puzzles - the girl LOVES books and puzzles!
*Art & Education - paper, pens, colors, crayons and anything that would assist her in learning how to write her letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc...  
*Anything with or having to do kitties - she's obsessed. Hello Kitty, stuffed kitties, cats, kittens, lions, tigers, she loves them all.  She sings Katy Perry's "Roar" everyday. -> http://instagram.com/p/fdPKZajBsv/
*Sparrow has a Leapster Explorer and a Leapster Tag - games and books for both of these devices would be a HUGE help!  They are educational and entertaining.
*Sparrow also loves Squinkies - they're tiny figurines that she collects.
*Flowers, balloons, cards, accessories, and treats
Any items you would like to send to Sparrow, or her family (she also has a pretty cool awesome big brother Noah ) you can send them here: 

401 Hawthorne LaneSuite 110 
#200Charlotte, NC 28204

Join us leading up to (tomorrow) October 16, 2013 praying for peace, (for us all and Sparrow) her doctors, that there would be no surprises during the operation, and the surgery would be smooth and timely.  That there would be absolutely no complications and her recovery would be quick and miraculous.

To donate or to read her whole story click here.
thank you