Thursday, January 21, 2010

rainy days.

Good evening world.
Today has been a good day. Its thursday... and it was raining...
which means.. i dont work on thursdays.. and luke has rainy days off..
the times it actually rains on thursdays are super nice... and so exciting to just get to sleep in together... (that never ever happens!)
So our day consisted of... sleeping in.. laying in bed all morning... taking lunch to some of our friends who just had twins this week!!! , held the babies... grocery shopping errand running... and then we both had a boys/girls night...
Dinner with the ladies.. and great avacado pizza yummslmdkfm! quality time.


exausted.. and ready to curl up back in bed.

Im ready for snow or spring.
im gonna need one of those.. asap!

this teeter tottering weather is cute... but such a tease.
(springtime in the park.. was a fun fun time :)

oh well..
tgif tomorrow.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Watched American idol with Jessica. tonight.... Only really get into this show... "pre-hollywood" i may jump in on the episode when they do makeovers... (im a sucker for befores and afters..) but otherwise.. i get bored.
Jessica makes a music mix each month.. which is always awesome.. and pretty much the only form of new music i ever receive... im lazy.. and let her do the tune hunting these days.
check it out:

Also... besides the mixes that i adore from my sister..
tonight ive been listening to Austin Crane

seen them live a few times.. and always forget how much i really really like it...
been listening to it tonight on repeat.
('the first shall be' is my favorite)

Hope everyone's day was lovely!

oh ps:
(The pork tenderloin i made in the crock-pot this morning... turned out DELICIOUS!!!
so tender... and tasty! so proud)



I feel like ive already accomplished much this morning...
before even having my morning dose of coffee...
i got dinner started!
hows that for super wife? I'm working til 8:00 tonight so i thought id do myself (&luke) a favor and use the crockpot :)

Work should be good today.. i'll be pretty busy.
I'm already dreaming of being home again though... and im still sitting on the couch.

time to get ready.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hi World!

I thrive in change.
Change is what i needed.