Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I wore... and a blue door.

My weekend included, pizza, box wine,  movies,
a baby shower, cleaning house and way too much netflix.
Typical things while my husband is out of town.
oh, and like 15 trips to target.
But really.. it was so great.
this summer, (and year) is flying by so fast. 
"fall" has come up in conversation a couple of times recently and i can't believe im letting myself get excited about it!
but really, the next few months have so much goodness in store.. so many of my friends are having babies and its fun to have that to look forward to.
i love babies.
and newness, and all of the Lord's goodness.
its showing up all around.

shirt: love.notes
belt: anthropologie
skirt: hip
shoes: steve madden
shades: XXI

Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday: BIRDY

I've said it a million times.
i love cover songs.
(and remixes)
one day in my wildest dreams i think i may quite possibly make a cover song album.
Anyways... with my love of cover songs... i have fallen in love with "BIRDY"
cause.. well she does a lot of them :)
Jessica has snuck a few on the monthly mixes...
her voice is really unique, she won a competition on some show or something in europe..  and has become quite a hit.
and she's pretty cute.
happy music monday:

1901  ::  originally by PHOENIX
skinny love  :: originally by bon iver

Saturday, July 21, 2012

hairspiration for your weekend+ tutorial!

who ever feels like fixing their hair on the weekend?
between being at the pool and sleeping in late, i never feel like it that's for sure.
but im all about embracing messy hair.
and here are some photo's to inspire you to embrace it as well ;)


Source: via chelsea on Pinterest

And i leave you with a great tutorial on "making your hair messy" with Promise Tangeman and the girls with glasses! It's a good one! :)
(see original post here)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Lay Lady Lay.

its been a while since a puppy post.
she is so big,
but her "puppy personality" is my favorite these days.
i miss her being tiny, and i pout a little when i see tiny pictures of her... but i don't miss her peeing on the floor every day.
her favorite spot is in front of the window these days. (see pictured below)  if she's not posted up there she is sleeping behind the couch or under a table somewhere. so cute.
also her favorite activity recently is going to the "dog" bar.... where she currently has a couple of doggy boyfriends. She also enjoys playing "fetch- keep away" where she fetches the ball... then "keeps it away" from us. still working on the bringin it back to us part :)
I finally found my camera charger.. and am excited to take "real pictures" of life.
here ya go.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Music Monday: JULYYYYYYY

here, it is.
Thanks J.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

thoughts at 11:24pm

Sometimes we need moments in our lives where we take a step back.
We stand from a far and realize in the business of "our life" we lost ourselves.
Who are we? Where are we? What are we working towards?
Maybe its the section of myself that's a total introvert, that i have to re-evaluate myself every 4 months to realize what the hell im doing with myself.  Or maybe its my spirit.. dying to prove itself to my mundane mediocre body.
remember all those dreams.... what you expected 10 years ago?
maybe not....
maybe half a bottle of wine and a good movie will remind you.
maybe not.
that song... that song you really liked that brought up so much emotion... that'll do it!!... maybe.
maybe not.
some days it all seems relevant.
other days.... i wonder.
what are we doing with our lives?
Are we paying attention?
Are we taking note?
Is it worth 7am wake up calls and paycheck to paycheck?
Like I've said many times before....
This is the first day of my life...

so here it goes.