Monday, September 26, 2011

black is back.


I have always been drawn to dark walls.  It makes a space feel cozy and intriguing.  A couple of years 

ago when Luke and I were moving into our house we had to paint the entire house. (due to some sheet 

rock work, every room needed paint! nightmare/dream)  Anyways one of the colors we toy'd with was 

BLACK!  It was nerve racking at first... because i had never seen it done before... (before the days of 

pinterest, and my obsession with design blogs) Anyways we ended up painting one of the spare 

bedrooms black.. and LOVED IT! It is currently the music room... and Luke uses it as a chalkboard 

when he's practicing... but its so fun.  I've been wanting to paint an accent wall or something.. but 

decided 2 days ago to do our guest bathroom!

I am absolutely in love with it! its perfect, it went from white to black.. and couldn't be better.  Here is 

my inspiration.... and I'll show you my final product in the next day or so!!


Monday, September 19, 2011

2 years.

My proudest accomplishment.
2 years of marriage with this guy:
i love you
Anna Naphtali photography

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This past Sunday my family was in town for "homecoming" 
Its the same weekend every year at my Grandparents church and for as long as i can remember we have always gone.
It's usually entertaining, always distant relatives who are around and potluck lunch afterward.
us "kids" headed out as soon as we finished and explored in the church basement... walked in the alley's and reminisced on years past when we'd get in trouble for running through the grave yard.
It's always fun to see my brother Asher, his girlfriend Haley and my sister Rachel, no matter what the occasion ;) (**its good to see sister Jessica too.. but we see each other everyday!)

Monday, September 12, 2011

dinner for four...

Dinner with these guys is usually the norm several times a week... i just took pictures of it this time :)
Im really enjoying the evening temperature these days!! ive worn a cardi a few times already!!!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As of today things are starting to cool down and feel like fall. That is nice. All i ever wanna do when it feels like this, is take walks, drink lattes and cook yummy things.
Heres a look at the last week.
Watched our most favorite little guy! Therman, we love him.
 lots of hangtimes on this porch this week.

and dinner with these guys several times..

and last but definitely not least....latte's and scarves.

have a good night!