Sunday, April 8, 2012

Meet Lady...

Lady-bug Hill
 Meet Lady, our little baby puppy girl.
We got her 2 weeks ago.. and it has been "puppy-love" ever since!
She is really the cutest thing ever... and for my first puppy she's just so perfect!
At this very moment she is curled up in a tiny ball by my feet snoring her heart out.
After a few days we started to discover that she is complete, or partially deaf. 
(which was really sad at first)  but... she knows no different, and she is doing so well with her sign language commands. 
 She's being spoiled rotten. 
And its so fun.
I'm glad to have a little shadow to keep me company.
Also, i now have the urge to watch every animal movie i've ever seen.. so i can appreciate them.
so on my list of 'movies to watch again' are Homeward bound, 101 dalmations, Beethoven, Marley and me, and it goes on. 
I hope you think she's cute..... cause if you haven't noticed (on instagram) you'll be seeing a lot of her from now on. She's my baby before babies. :) :)
 i love these, cause she's waggin' her tail so hard its invisible! :)

i love her.


Mary Ellen Skye said...

love lil lady bug!!! :)

Jillian said...

that last photo is just magic.

kelly summers said...

She's adorable!!

Brittney Lynn Stasi said...

She is super cute!!!!

meagan said...

aww i love her too!!

D. Lynn @Purple Kale said...

Your outfit up top is to die is that puppy!

Rachel said...

enjoy the puppy months...they go by way too fast!