Sunday, April 3, 2011

Insipire: Hair! (Sunday)

Ombre, color melting, laziness, low maintenance, change without commitment.... Hair.
It's that time of year when my body longs for change. For my mind to feel just a little bit different in my skin. When my wardrobe and lifestyle start to feel a little more freeing and exciting.
So all this leads to me wanting to do something different with my hair.
It never fails.
This year i was really inspired by the 'care free' look of color melting.
My hair is so dark (well.. because i make it that way) That i cant really do much with lightening my color... and if i do, i'll regret it in a month and go back to black.
so i feel like for my change of heart type of attitude, this color is perfect, non committal and not to harsh or drastic.

and here's mine: a less dramatic version. :)

Hope you liked the inspiration.
more on that later :)


Paige said...

It looks awesome! I have never colored my hair, but that really makes me want to.

Jess Gatlyn said...

so yummy. i love it! and your hair looks so hot

kendra said...

is there any easy/at home way to do that? I have been lusting after that look for a few months now.

Ginny Elizabeth said...

love these pictures. loved these pictures and your hair so much i did something similar. you got style. loves you.

Beka said...

wowza, that looks great!
you did it yourself?
how on earth is it done??

Kylie said...

Really cute blog. I just started following you! Happy blogging! Xo