Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello January!

Welp, January has finally decided to show up.
i cant believe how fast 2011 went blah blah blah blah blah......byyye.
No, it sure was a good year... had its ups and downs, but ultimately i feel each year gets better and better... in my book!
So that means 2012 will surely be incredible.
1. I am starting a new job!!! yay! 
and i just have this feeling that everything else will be new too. :)
I've had a whole week off because of christmas break.. and it's been nice.  I feel all caught up on "winter cleaning... and baking and feel good about the newness of the year.
Yesterday was a gloriously beautiful day outside... 65 degrees and sunny will always make this girl smile! And that really is what put this year off to a great start!

I hate new years resolutions......... well not really i just really have always followed the philosophy of that old Carolyn Arrend's song "New years day" that... ' This will be my resolution...every day is new years day..'
Really though.. i cling to His new mercies every morning and i really don't like the guilty feeling of breaking a resolution... drinking too many sodas, or forgetting to work out.. or whatever.  Because January 1st can be every day.. and we get a new opportunity to be new. And frankly without that, i wouldn't make it.


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TheLovelyHunter said...

i feel the same. resolutions just end up making me feel guilty when i don't follow them, so i prefer to start over fresh every day--how freeing is that?! :)