Monday, January 2, 2012

DIY: wall art.

This piece is pretty self explanatory... but for a Christmas gift for my friend Mary Ellen, i made this wall art for her home.
I remembered her talking about really wanting some new art to hang up around her house.. i knew this would be a great, and easy gift to give!
It was super easy... the hardest part was figuring out what i wanted it to say!!

I have always been a fan of the wrapping paper you can find at stores like papersource, and other crafty, paper gift shops.  We actually have several from all over that we've framed and hung in our home... of maps and butterflies and its some of my favorite pieces. 
They are all typically a generic size (and super affordable) (close to 20" by 30") Which is so very convenient because IKEA sells a frame the perfect size!
A "Paris monument" map, made up the perfect pale pinks, greens and blues.

my supplies, a sponge brush, white paint, and alphabet stencils

My Ikea frame in white (they also have galvanized and black) 

and voila!
a practical, affordable piece of art!