Monday, January 23, 2012

Music Monday: Oren Lavie

music monday... aaaaahhhh. Several months ago my hard-drive crashed unexpectedly (i mean like you ever expect your entire computer life to just poof be gone!) BUT... i lost all of my music.. photos...etc from forever.  It was sad, it was like my youth had died. :( wahhh... Oh well, im kindof over that now,ive had time to heal :). Ha.. i say all of this because i just recently got my computer a new brain... and its weird no longer having my music or anything .. and well im not as good as i used to be with finding new music. (pandora killed our need to discover.. or did it birth it?) 
So anyways.. to be nostalgic i had to make a little more effort today.. i couldn't just scroll through my itunes.. i had to go on Myspace! (remember that) This song was one of my favorites.. and pair it with a super cute music video.. and you get this weeks MUSIC MONDAY! Hope you enjoy

Her morning elegance, : Oren Lavie

random fact... this video won a 2009 grammy nom for Best short form music video.

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