Monday, January 30, 2012

Sister times.

This weekend was filled with sister times.
My sister Rachel is the adventurous one.
She's spent the last couple of years living in S.Korea... and when she came home this past fall we thought we had her for good....
but she's at it again, off to Seoul for more adventures.
Everyone in my family is in a season of change this January.
My parents just relocated  hours away for new jobs.
Rachel is moving back to Korea.
and Me and my other sister just transitioned jobs as well.
2012 is for change.
it is all good.. and quite a bundle of blessings.
This weekend my parents came in to town to bid adieu to Rach, and we celebrated over an italian feast toasting newness for us all.
it was sweet.
The rest of the weekend was filled with food, and coffee, and sister time.
i love my sisters. and the rare and special times when we are all together.

 they came to visit me at work... and then we had dinner at the crepe cellar with "honorary sister" Mary Ellen. 

happy monday to you all.
may all the change 2012 brings your way be favor. 


Jessica said...

It was a fun weekend! ♥

Bonte said...

awwee, there's nothing like sisters and good QT with them!

Mary Ellen Skye said...

this is so swweettt!

The Rollins Family said...

So so beautiful!

not public said...

:'D precious! i want another sunday like that asap.