Friday, July 20, 2012

Lay Lady Lay.

its been a while since a puppy post.
she is so big,
but her "puppy personality" is my favorite these days.
i miss her being tiny, and i pout a little when i see tiny pictures of her... but i don't miss her peeing on the floor every day.
her favorite spot is in front of the window these days. (see pictured below)  if she's not posted up there she is sleeping behind the couch or under a table somewhere. so cute.
also her favorite activity recently is going to the "dog" bar.... where she currently has a couple of doggy boyfriends. She also enjoys playing "fetch- keep away" where she fetches the ball... then "keeps it away" from us. still working on the bringin it back to us part :)
I finally found my camera charger.. and am excited to take "real pictures" of life.
here ya go.

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