Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I wore... and a blue door.

My weekend included, pizza, box wine,  movies,
a baby shower, cleaning house and way too much netflix.
Typical things while my husband is out of town.
oh, and like 15 trips to target.
But really.. it was so great.
this summer, (and year) is flying by so fast. 
"fall" has come up in conversation a couple of times recently and i can't believe im letting myself get excited about it!
but really, the next few months have so much goodness in store.. so many of my friends are having babies and its fun to have that to look forward to.
i love babies.
and newness, and all of the Lord's goodness.
its showing up all around.

shirt: love.notes
belt: anthropologie
skirt: hip
shoes: steve madden
shades: XXI


Julie Watson said...

so cute, I love this look! I already can't wait for fall and I don't care who knows it! best season ev. in my opinion

Jessica said...

I love your hair like this

meagan said...

i love it all, and your hair looks really great like this!

Kelli said...

You are a beauty. Can't get enough of that top!

Sheila Baldwin said...

I love your outfit and your new highlights! (well, new to me, I hadn't seen them!)

Kristina said...

Love the color in your hair! You are such a beauty.

not public said...

i like your hair color!