Saturday, March 3, 2012

what i wore: stormy skies

for this morning after stormy weather, i dressed in black and white.
of course.. i had to work as well.. so that kind of influenced this outfit too.
im a girl that may never get tired of stripes.
especially tim burton-esque black and white stripes.
love them.

 shirt: poof
dress: forever xxi
belt: vintage
tights: target
boots: aldo
purse: h&m
bracelets: nordstrom 

photo of my photographer :)


Kara said...

Those boots are rocking. You're so cute.

Two Happy Hearts said...

Cute! I definitely can never get enough stripes either. They suit you, for sure ;)

Mary Ellen Skye said...

love that dress!!!! :)

meagan said...

cute dress!

Brittney Lynn Stasi said...

Love the strips too, and those shoes!!! Love that you and your photographer both have strips ;)

Adelina Alexander said...

Cute style! I follow you! Would you like to follow me back?

Liska Cole said...

best booties! hope ya got 'em for on their super sale!

Charis Hill said...

@liskacole yep, $14.99 free shipping. thats whats up! ja