Monday, March 5, 2012

music monday: remixes

I'm not sure if its cool or not, but i am the biggest fan of remixed songs, cover songs, and acoustic versions.
i guess maybe because usually when i like a song, i like it so much that  i listen to it on repeat for 300 times... and then when i find another version.. its like a brand new song, but i know all the words.
and whats better than that?
i heard this version of one of my all time favorite songs by stars and it is such a cinematic remix, that i immediately imagined myself running down the streets of paris searching for my long lost lover.
(woah.. intense i know, i love remixes that much though)
the lyrics in this song, are scribbled on the inside of my soul...
and the stringed instruments of this version are oh so romantic.
okay just listen.
and then go listen to the original version.. because it is just as good.
okay, now on to the very opposite extreme....
covers of rap songs. (naturally)
my "whatever you like" by Anya marina.
i have a notch on my bucket list to make an album someday that is solely cover rap songs.
and Anya Marina fueled my inspiration with  TI's 'whatever you like'
and its super catchy... and one of my favorites.
i usually find myself laughing when i realize im singing this like a worship song in my car.
but whatever.

What are some of your favorite remixes/cover songs..
im always looking for new ones...
its kind of a hobby.

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jessie said...

Florence and the Machine covered 'Addicted to Love' by Robert Palmer. it's one of my total faves right now.