Friday, March 16, 2012

jump for joy....

thank the lord for sunshine, 80 degrees, iced coffee, breaks at work, and my new favorite back alley behind our salon.
i caught the joy... for like 5 hours after my "notjustcoffee" iced caramel latte.
seriously cant drink that coffee with out letting joyful noises out of my mouth.
i talked 90mph for the next several hours.
and was happy.
simply that.
because i love spring time.... and the happiness it brings.

 black shortie cardi- target
blouse- XXI
pants- XXI

and to prove my joyfulness... this folks is my little girl face.
this is as real as it gets guys.
how embarrassing...  yet vulnerably perfect is this?

if you could take a picture of my soul... it would look almost exactly like this...

happy weekend friends, i pray you catch the joy and sunshine in your lives this weekend 


bird and tree said...

this is pretty much awesome! Made me smile just seeing the cute pics!!! Happy Weekend lady!!!

morgan said...

such fun photos :)& I love your outfit!!!

Paige said...

LOVE the little girl face! And the boots.

Jillian said...

spring has sprung over here too! So lovely!

meagan said...

you are too cute! (and you have a model bod!!) also love that top :)

kelly summers said...

that picture is epic. love it!