Sunday, July 10, 2011

What's in my bag?

I have always loved seeing others "what's in my bag".. and personally i have always wanted to do one.. but i always carried practically a suitcase around with me my whole life 'til recently when i purchased this bag.  It has perfect pockets for organization and has helped me break my habit of carrying granola bars, Starbucks cups, and an extra pair of shoes around with me, so in honor of staying organized here is a little peek at what's inside my bag!
1. my iphone/map/camera/connection to all things social/what would i do without it?
2. 4$ h&m shades 
3.Simpatico No. 42 solide parfume (anthropologie)
4. "Schuler & Son's Philadelphia" bag- (Anthropologie)
5. nine west wallet, i've had it for years.. i need a cute one asap.
6. "Russian Red"-(MAC)
7."free will"-(bare minerals)
8."lauren" -(BUXOM lips)
9."heather" -(BUXOM lips)
10. keys to my: house, car, &heart.


Mary Ellen Skye said...

YAY!! love these post!

The Rollins Family said...

Love the bag, love the wallet, love the fun stuff in the bag, but most importantly, i love you!!!!!

Bekah Joy said...

Love this! I will have to do one soon! I always love seeing whats in others bags...:)