Saturday, July 16, 2011


Hi friends!  

Happy Saturday!!!!! So glad its the weekend.
I am currently resting on the couch (after a long day at work) with my feet up, a clean house, and Laura Croft tomb raider ;) awaiting the arrival of my family!
My sister Rachel who just moved back to the states from Korea has been home for about a week and a half and her birthday just happened so my family is coming up to Charlotte to have a birthday cookout and a sleepover! I am excited.. this is the first time we've done anything like this in two years!  Anyways.. im just waitin' around. anticipating and chargin' my camera battery. :)  Hope you all have  a restful and fun weekend.



Paige said...

I am taking a break from cleaning my house right now. Crazy, right? But so worth it in the end. Have a great weekend.

Teresa J said...

Have fun with your family! It's always so nice when they visit from out-of-town.