Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yadkin Family...

Community:  It's something our generation strives for.  From facebook, twitter, blogs, I feel like the term 'social media' was penned just for us.  We all want it.. even if we don't know thats what we want.  I think its something that is stitched in our soul.. something the lord designed in us from the have and to long for community and fellowship.  I've grown up going through different seasons... of lots of community.. and then, lack of it.  Moving to Charlotte 4 years ago, knowing virtually no one had the potential of being a lonely time. But I was almost immediately immersed in community,  Charlotte has something special.  Maybe its the big small city vibe.. or all the artistic souls looking and longing for the same thing.  But it really is one of a kind.  Charlotte may not be our home forever.. but the community that is here will always be home.  Yadkin ave is the best street in Charlotte.. (just sayin) we live next door and across the street from some of our best friends! Spontaneous game nights and picnics at the park never get old.  This is my yadkin family:

Jacob and Jessie
 Luke, with grape teeth...


 Sparrow, Noah, Jessie

 Jon, and sweet Sparrow


 Sparrow eating... and The Arnolds
 This was a perfect summer night.. so fun.


Paige said...

Oh my goodness, I am totally jealous. Looks like a lovely group of friends.

Teresa said...

Your picnic looked like a really fun time. I love nights like that with close friends.