Saturday, May 14, 2011

What's for dinner.

Vacation is over.
But- i can still eat like im on vacation!
I had some Mahi mahi.. and wanted to make some fish tacos for myself tonight.. but when i left Trader Joes without tortillas.. i had to compromise and just have a little medly of fish& taco things. 
I used lime juice, cilantro, s&p & a little bit of taco seasoning for the fish.
Roasted some corn in lime juice and cilantro.
cut up cucumbers, cilantro and tomatoes.
Had some avocado salsa de verde from Trader Joes (the avocados weren't ripe tonight so i tried something new... and it was amazing!)
mixed that with corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and lime juice/cilantro.. for a little "corn slasa" action.
Made a cilantro lime Ranch sauce... 
Then mixed my roasted corn, mahi mahi and the rest of the ingredients together!
it was delicious, i just ate it with chips.. but im sure tacos next time will be divine.

Happy weekend!


Lorni said...

um that sounds incredible!

TheLovelyHunter said...

i just made fish tacos last night! what a coincidink! do you have a recipe for the cilantro lime ranch sauce? i really wanted some kind of sauce but didn't have any recipes. hoe you had a good weekend!