Friday, May 13, 2011

Vacation diaries vol.3

So I spent my last day with my family, walking on the board walk, eating seafood and losing our car for a bit :)
Had some stressful car issues before I headed to my next destination, but made it blissfully!

Arrived at this gem.. On the beach. I don't ever wanna leave!

Today was filled with photos in the ocean with wedding dresses, me Getting liberated in the ocean, sandy walks and talks with the girls. And a little bit of boogie boards.. :D
Having a blast...

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Two Happy Hearts said...

fun, fun! it looks BEAUTIFUL there :)

christina heaston said...

ahhhh i want to be at the beach!
have fun:)

Kara said...

My face is that pic is hysterical!

Mary Ellen Skye said...

i want to go to the beach real bad now! lets talk soon;)

anna naphtali said...

i love my little babygirls legs in that stroller. I want to go back!

juliet jones said...

what app do you use to take all your photos? they all look so dang cute.

Charis Hil said...

Juliet... i use camera+, instagram and diptic..
they are my faves!