Saturday, May 21, 2011

2 days...& Can't get enough.. 'love and sunshine'

hi guys!
I've been somewhat, absent minded lately... trying to numb my way through this week...
I'll tell ya, the days after a vacation, especially going back to work, are never easy.
Especially when being reunited with my man, at the end of that work week, after a vacation.  Basically, i tried to stay as busy as possible this past week, which left me avoiding things.. like blogging, and cleaning my house. ha.

But it is now the weekend, and i am relaxing, going to breakfast in the morning, and getting ready for Luke to move back home! yay. (7 weeks on a bus, im sure he's ready too!)
Seriously, its been the longest 7 weeks of my life, and i am thrilled that this summer is about to start and Luke will be here for it!
monday will be the sweetest day!

And on that note, here are some things i can't get enough of!

Happy weekend friends!


Liv Szari said...

That's so wonderful that your husband is coming home! 7 weeks is a stinkin' long time! Hope these next two days go by super fast!! =)

Alexa Mae said...

Gorgeous pictures. In ♥! So happy that you get to reunite with your man. And yes, I hate unwinding after a vacay. :)

Stephanie said...

Ah I love these pics. The last one is lovely because it reminds me of summer <3