Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wedding Day (9.19.09) recap

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If you ask me... our Wedding day was

As typical as it may sound.. it really was a huge blur... so glad there are photos to remind me of little things... like Luke weeping at the altar.... who was truly breakin it down on the dance floor... and what the essence of the day looked like from someone else's eye.

I loved our wedding day.. i loved being surrounded by friends and family...
but to be honest... im glad it was a year ago.. it feels good to see how far we've come. im glad i can look back to a year ago and know it was a time when i was with luke... and we were sharing our life together already.
But i am even more excited about this next year... and many more to come... I don't think your wedding day should be the "best day" of your married life.. its just one adventure... the start of many more!
we got married in an old horse barn.. that had ben renovated.. into the most beautiful place ever!

his first look:

and mine.
this moment was truly magical.
i was balling.

Allison: she had a lot to do with Luke + Me.
this is my thank-you hug.
It was awesome having bridesmaids who doubled as super models.

i loved how Anna (our photographer) got a "group shot" of our guests.. its one of my favorite photos to look at and remember who all was there to share that day with us..

i loved this farm. it was so home-y. and made the day seem very rustic.

our "fake" tattoos in honor of my ink'd groom!

(birdseed was a huge "regret" that we have... it was the most disgusting thing ever our car/hair/and underwear were filled with birdseed!!!! and our eyes were closed the whole way thru!) hahah

These are just a few glimpses of the day... for the entire album... and more 'details' click here to view the photo gallery by Anna Naphtali Hollingsworth.

Also we were featured on Rock n Roll Bride blog last year... find that link here.

love the photos? visit Anna's website & blog!


{ I V Y } said...

naaaaaaaaaaaaw <3

FancyTreehouse said...

Love love love your wedding. (:

bebe bird beck said...

What a breathtaking wedding. You were a gorgeous bride and I love how sweet it looked.
So perfect that he washed your feet?! Thats incredibly beautiful.

allison said...

such a beautiful day. glad I got to be a part of it:) love u!