Tuesday, September 7, 2010


part of Our Story
(according to me)

disclaimer: if youre a cynic or a fool my blog will probably annoy you over the next few weeks... (or forever) because my 1yr anniversary of marriage is coming up in 2 weeks.. and im in love.. and not afraid to talk about it.. or brag about it.
because i think its totally legit.


Luke: 'bringer of light'

So there are millions of stories that can be attached to this man. If you know Luke, you know he is good at telling stories.. even the ones i've heard a million times are still captivating when he's telling them. He's young but has lived a full life, he has taught me a whole lot about life, love and everything in between. I love him so much.. and he has been the 'bringer of light' to my life.

I could tell you his story of adoption, or his string of decisions that led him ultimately to where he is now, his testimony of what he's been through, or the amazing opportunities he is living out in this very season.. but i really want to tell you about the summer that changed my life.. all because of a cell phone, a persistent heart and a locked up spirit.

I was 19, naive, and about to graduate from beauty school... and had no idea where i wanted to go.. just somewhere else.. somewhere "new" "fresh" somewhere mysterious. i needed an adventure. I didn't know my adventure would come in the form of a korean man covered in ink..
Our story of meeting is kind of ironic in itself.. but that would be more of a short story.. rather than a blog.. and the point im really trying to get at ... is the way this man pursued me.
From the first night.. he was intuitive.. interesting.. different.. than anyone else. I wanted to know him.

Without me knowing.. he got my phone number the night we met.. he didn't even wait til 8am to text me the next morning.. we quickly become friends... we hangout.. we talk.. he does things for me.. like fix my headlight... takes me to get coffee.. tons of summer activities that will go down in history for us. Meanwhile im excited about this friend i have.. this cool, neat interesting, artistic, crazy, outgoing, friend.

he asked... i said no.
he asked... i said no.
he asked... i said no.
he gave an ultimatum.. i still said no.
yet i was hanging on every word... i was telling him he was perfect.. just not for me.

He was in love.

i was confused.

He told me things... like how to love.. how to let yourself become vulnerable.
i was locked up so tight... i had my assumptions... my judgements, my trust issues, my commitment issues.. i didn't want to let luke in.
but he was determined.

I never loved nobody fully
always one foot on the ground
and by protecting my heart truly
I got lost in the sounds
I hear in my mind
all these voices
I hear in my mind
all these words
I hear in mind
all this music
and it breaks my heart...

suppose I never ever met you
suppose we never fell in love
suppose I never ever let you
kiss me sweet, sweet and soft
suppose I never ever saw you
suppose you never ever called
suppose I kept on singing love songs
just to break my own fall

just to break my fall...

all my friends say
that of course it's
gonna get better...

"To love is to be vulnerable" ... one of the biggest lessons he's taught me....
and to experience love.... you have to let it in.

My heart softened toward him.. and i began falling in love with him, so very quickly....
We started dating September 10, 2008... were engaged Dec 27th.. and married September 19th 2009...

Our love is still new, our love is still fresh, definitely still an adventure and most days very mysterious... every bit of what i was hoping for.

he's my best friend.. and im so thankful and blessed that he didn't give up after i said no... again and again... i hold on to that. It's so romantic to me, and still makes me feel treasured and adored.

to be continued...


Mandy said...

Girl... I LOVE your blog! And I love this post. So beautiful. I am all about love (being happily married to a wonderful man as well).

So glad to be a follower!

Eva said...

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! My husband and I just had ours on July 19th this summer :)


Rachel said...

aww!! I remember that long talk we had at the Gaffney starbucks about Luke...and how you did not want to date him, and then, you married him!! :) so happy for you. I love looking back onto the middle/high school days and seeing how all of this has evolved in both of our lives. I believe we both got what we wanted :) xo

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Isabella Kiss said...

what a sweet story! and also, sweet "love never fails" tatoos. Unique. I like 'em.