Sunday, September 19, 2010

1 year Anniversary

I thought i'd post a few photos from our amazing honeymoon to Mexico..
kind of just to pretend we are back there again.
its was so awesome.. and relaxing.. hopefully we can go back to that resort again someday with tons of friends!!
we spent time outside of playa del carmen, & Cozumel
september is their off season.. so it was very deserted... and nothing was ever really crowded.. (even restaurants.. which looked sketchy.. but were actually awesome)

And so it began:

this photo makes me laugh a little.. because of the sling luke is wearing. Such a memory.
An ER run at 5am after the wedding.. was truly a crazy start to our married life :D
I've never run so many red lights in my life...... or used my iphone to 'google' emergency room ever before! hahah
cozumel... i wish we would have spent more than just a day there.. it was truly beautiful.. and was so scenic.. and beautiful!
i felt to awesome riding a scooter... felt just like a mary-kate and ashley movie..
we would pull over to go snorkling or swim.
ferry ride there.. on top of the boat.. water was spraying in our face so hard.. and the boat was rocking so bad... and their was a band playing 'la coo ca racha' and dave matthews songs ... this was our expression to all of the above.

we have like 78 photos like this from our trip. Luke was obsessed.
me walkin on water... no biggie.

playa del carmen.
i had gelato like every single day!!!! so goooooooood!
empty restaurant with kick-a guacamole.
one of my most FAVORITE parts of our resort... was the fact they had BEDS on the BEACH!!!! and a mini pool on our porch! both very logical and practical things.

Such good times and memories :) Luke and I are going on an excursion this weekend after 1 year of marriage.. we both agreed we needed new clothes. so we are going on an adventure to make that happen.. and to visit some friends along the way!!!

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bebe bird beck said...

Oh man, it looks like yall had such a good time. Beautiful pictures!!
You're too cute.