Sunday, September 26, 2010

Clothing Swap!

Last night was the annual 'Clothing Swap' party! it was tons of fun.. and awesome to get some new clothes.. for free... while seeing some of my own stuff being "recycled" to other girls!
Somehow/someday i would like to have an online store for swaps. How fun would that be? this- for that kindof shopping.
ill brainstorm and inspire later.
this cutie little handmade vest is one of my faves. cant wait to wear this once it gets cooler.

Really need to organize clothes, do laundry and be motivated... but im leaving that for my monday. :) for now im going to cuddle with my sleeping husband beside me.. and change football to a fall time movie.. and relax. Maybe bake something later? Loving the cooler/wet weather Charlotte brought us today! Makes me want butter beer and hogsmeade.. :)

Sunday Brunch.. on the blog later!


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