Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Funday.

what a lovely sunday.
woke up early enough to chill with Luke before he had to go to church that was rare.. and cherished.
had my coffee.. with Raechel.. chatted about wedding plans and paint colors. :)
took my self to lunch.. and a movie.

I saw "Its Complicated"
with Meryl Streep and Alex Baldwin..
i really loved it.... i pretty much love anything Nancy Meyer does.. ( the holiday, Father of the bride, somethings gotta give )
It was a story of a divorced couple who "hook back up"
it was funny... entertaining and it was a feel good movie.. for me atleast.
Theres something about Meryl Streep that i just love!
Nancy Meyer always has perfect leading ladies.. ( ie. diane keaton love love her)
(who knew! they're friends!!!)

tonight is the Superbowl!
Going to some of our friends house to watch the game.
(i just like the commercials and finger foods :)

have a good week!


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