Wednesday, February 3, 2010

snow day(z)

what a crazy past couple of days.
so on fri/sat we had a crazy snow/ice day...
which turned out awesome.. in the park.. the boys snow boarded.. and sledded etc...
i watched them for a bit.. but chose to stay comfy and warm inside..

When lunchtime came around.. i decided to make some guacamole..
which turned out in a bloody disaster!
while trying to "catch the pit" with the knife... i instead slashed my thumb open!!!!
so a trip on the ice to the ER.
3 stitches and lots of tears later... i was "all better"

Went to Greenville for the weekend.. to see my parents.. and Rachel.. who headed back to Korea yesterday :(
was hoping to be better to go back to work on tuesday... my thumb is STILL not functional!
(atleast to cut hair.. etc)
anyways im heading back tomorrow whether my thumb wants to join me or not!

the snowy hills.
luke and Jess (pre-guac disaster)
me this morning... still "recovering" *sorry if you just passed out from grossness.

So yesterday on "our" rainy day off... had breakfast... (pink pancakes for val-day), ran some errands... ate an authentic lunch..
and then went to manifest to find some deals.

we left with 5 99cent cds 2 more seasons of "the Hill's" 'Baby Mama' & 'Sliding Doors'
luke picked out the 5 cds by solely 'picking by the cover' out of all 5 there was one 'bare-able' album... and by track 5 it turned country.
it was weird.

oh well.
it was a fun game.

New whistling tea-pot! so happy with it!

love this photo of Zooey...
dont remember where i found this photo.. but it looks really inviting. and pleasant..

Well happy wednesday everyone!!!!
we have a birthday night with some friends that im excited for!

and another 'not-sick' day with luke.

Charis Hill

ps: lost was good.
still lost though.

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The Rollins Family said...

Charis, your sweet momma told me about your thumb today. So sorry! Your photos are BEAUUUTIFUL!