Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines day/Monday

Hope everyones "love"day was not disappointing..
Luke had to be at church at 5:30am Sunday Morning..
but i awoke to lots and lots of flowers..
and a card that said "wife" (which was a good way)
once my valentine got home we ordered a pizza... drank some wine.. and watched a movie.
it was a nice chill night...
all and all.. a good weekend with my lovedove.

this picture makes me laugh so much!
luke's face is priceless.. :)
(his val-day get up)
(oh yeah we also watched a lot of the Hill's)
tonight i made teriyaki tilapia.. with red potatoes and green beans.
yum yum.

good day at work for me.

this is gonna be a good week..

Also.. check out our wedding on Rock'n Roll Bride
Anna did such a great job on our photos.. just love it!!!!



The Rollins Family said...

OH MY WORD! Those photos are gorgeous! Thou shalt not covet! That is what I've been saying to myself over and over. I'm coveting your wedding!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh! youre famous!!!! :)