Monday, April 1, 2013

Dear desperate, unhappy, or frustrated self.

Sometimes our bitterness our day to day numbness, our desire for "the other side of the fence" makes us forget who we are. We use comparisons...and let it steal our joy. We focus on our unhappiness and forget to serve. We need daily reminders that change, forward motion and happiness starts in us. We are the only one who we can persuade. The crazy cycle we may be drowning in is a science, there is a way out. And it starts with ourselves. A few moments alone can help me remember where I left my inspiration, my silliness my motivation for REAL life. Where exactly my heart began to callus. Where the blisters on my soul began to form. There is beauty in brokenness. Respect is found when we are humble. And we become satisfied when we take a moment to notice... And stop being so desperate.
I don't want the monotony of my days to be the thief of my ambition, the death to my spirit, or the facade to what is really going on inside this heart of mine.
I want to remember. Always remember, who I am in Him, that His grace is enough. Hope is rising, he brings me joy in the morning's newness, and today I can choose which path i will take.
I am thankful for this choice.
These blessings.


Jessica Tran said...

I like this alot

Restoration Blog said...

This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing the deep parts of your heart--not just easy chatter. I love that this goodness is on the interwebs haha! God is so gracious :)