Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Grown up conversations.

I've never ever had that feeling "oh i feel so old"
probably in my whole life.
I have 2 older sisters,
I've never had many friends "my own age"
i married up (almost 5 years)
and at a young age.
(all these things account for me ALWAYS ALWAYS being the youngest around)
(i barely made it in the '80's guys)
So lately when i catch myself talking about Insurance rates, taxes, mutual funds and IRA's,
i realize.... I'm not so "little" anymore.
While discussing our "future" the year 2054 came up and then it hit me...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel more grown up than i ever have before.
its kinda like on your birthday when your dad or someone asks... 'well do you feel older??'
and usually im like nooooo.
today i do.
Also by even having this conversation (with myself .. bc thats what i feel like my blog is, conversations with myself haha) i think it made me not so grown up.
oh well.

new glasses by: Warby Parker - Mallory

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Rachel C. said...

Couldn't agree more!