Thursday, August 2, 2012

looking for newness in the oldness...

My mom was in town for the weekend.  
It was really good to spend some time just hanging out.
We took her on our Sunday tradition of brunch + antiquing.. it was so fun and a good successful trip!
One thing i decided im obsessed with on this little trip is tiny chairs!
so many retro tot-sized chairs in different sizes and colors.. so cute.
Lets just say if i had a niece or nephew, or my own babe... i wouldn't have bought anything i did.. i would've bought all of those tiny chairs. :)
I'm already desperate for a Sunday again.
I've been working my butt off..  6 days a week the last few months.. and its catching up on me.
my legs are in a permanent state of pain. 
but so much to do so little time!
enjoy the rest of your week.
see you on the other side!

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