Sunday, May 13, 2012

What i wore: coffee raindrops

yumz, coffee raindrops.. how tasty would that be???
and convenient!
I woke up from a glorious nap to a down pour, it was amazing!
Mostly i believe all Sunday's should be sunny, but on occasion i appreciate a good gloomy day when i have nothing to do but coffee and cuddle.
oh and nap of course!
here's what i wore:

lady's little tail kills me!!! she was scurrying around so much she never made it in any pics except this :)

(i love these shiny faux brass buttons!)

blazer: h&m
top: topshop (aquired from a clothing swap party! i wonder whose it was :) )
belt: thrifted
jeans: pilcro
boots: steve madden
my cute photographer ;)
he's wearing
shirt: bdg
jeans: dylan george
shoes: vans

Hope you all have a fantastic week. 

1 comment:

kelly summers said...

I love that shirt! That blue is so pretty :)