Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Lady

Just a little puppy update.
still smitten as ever with this little lady.
She really is just the cutest thing.
shes growing up so fast.
  Ginny was in town for the morning and got to meet her.
Lady loves pretty much anyone and everyone.. but she loves all her new gal pals! :)
her newest things lately have been, learning how to actually play fetch.
(She's getting so good at the part where she actually brings it back to us!) And she now can jump on the couch all by herself.  It took 3 days before Luke believed me, because she only did it when he wasn't looking. Finally he saw her, and its just too cute!
She loves playing tug of war with her favorite "squeaky toy" that unfortunately she has no idea that squeaks. (poor thing)
She's also learning to enjoy car rides, we took her to the store the other day, she loves it for like 30 seconds at a time, then gets nervous.... then repeat.


did i really just do a blog about my dog?
i did.


meagan said...

Lady's little paw hanging on that window is KILLING me!!

jessie said...

proud mama