Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank Goodness.

Well, i figured, what better time to write a thankful post than while im waiting to take my pumpkin pie out of the oven!
Its 12:43 am on thanksgiving morning.
(yes, i waited til super late to start making some preparations.. but hey, atleast i got some things started!)
This year, i am thankful for so much. I am so very blessed in my life, with amazing family and friends, a nice home, job, community an amazing husband, who loves me, in-laws who aren't crazy, a sister home safe from Korea, another sister getting married next week a family who loves the Lord, heat in my home, a turkey for thanksgiving.
and many more things.

i love this time of year, because i am reminded that change is beautiful, and family is dear, and what really makes me feel at home, is love and good food.
So here is to the Indians and Pilgrims for being an example to us all, and showing us that sharing is caring, and when you bring everyone together to eat, its bound to be a good time!


side notes:
1.Hosting my first thanksgiving makes me feel a little bit more "adult" than i ever have before!
2.i wish i had table settings like martha stewart
3.i seriously cant wait to watch the parade!

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