Sunday, February 19, 2012

What i wore: Rainy Sunday

Today really is just a cold, rainy, slightly miserable kind of day.  its progressively getting colder and colder as the time moves on and i would've stayed in my pajama's all day long, but i had a brunch date with my friendsie :)
We tried a cafe we've been dying to go to forever. ( i mean any place known for their red-velvet pancakes sounds pretty amazing to me )
really... quite possible the best breakfast ive ever had. 
Somehow sundays always turn into shopping days, and end up at loca lime for $1 tacos.
love them.

 striped shirt: madewell
blue shirt: forever 21
pants: h&m
booties: thrifted
bag: schuler&sons
cowl: h&m

If you live in the Charlotte area, you must try Terrace cafe.
The service was great, and the food was mouth watering!

Happy Sunday Friends!


She Sailed the Sea said...

I absolutely LOVE this outfit!!!

bird and tree said...

loves it!! that cowl is so absolutely perfect...I want like 10!!

Jordana Claudia said...

LOVE Terrace Cafe! Those red velvet waffles are killer.

and love the outfit too!

Kristina said...

Charis, every time I see you or see a picture of you I think that you should be a fashion blogger cause you have the best outfits of anyone I know. So glad you are doing these posts!

reinnasaurus said...

i love love love cozy weather, and your outfit was absolutely perfect for it! hope your having a great week xoxo