Thursday, April 28, 2011

Let's be friends!

So I'm sure you've all heard of the most fabulous app called Instagram!  It really is just so great.  If you haven't heard, or seen, you won't hesitate much longer once you see all the different filters you can put on your mundane iphone photos.  It's almost like twitter, but for pictures, and just a really great way to edit photos and export them other places! 
my username: charisjordan


And while you're at it, lets be friends on twitter too! I added a widget on the side that has my most recent tweets, and you can follow me just by clicking. But leave me your twitter/instagram usernames in a comment so i can follow you too!
Happy Thursday!


Liv Szari said...

Hey there! I just recently started following your blog! I love it! You & your hubs are super adorable! Following your twitter now too =)

stephanie claire said...

i'll find you on instagram!

Beka said...

newest follower here:)
i love the coffee mug photo! love:)