Saturday, March 19, 2011

more music love...

Music Love
Okay, so im sure im creating some reputation by always talking about "amazing bands" and who you should listen to etc.. i mean.. who am i to say?
But REALLY, Charlotte is over flowing with amazing musicians and i can't help but spread the word!!
I've talked about Matrimony before on the blog, but they've been writing new music, touring like crazy, and are about to wind up their SXSW tour this weekend.. (which is so exciting, and if you live in charlotte you should definitely come out on monday)

anyways the band consists of some pretty amazing people:
Ashlee Brown being one of them... who is one of my close girlfriends.
Check out this video of them in Texas this past week... its one of their new songs, that i cant get out of my head.
Also- how cute is Ashlee?? one of the most stylish & beautiful people i know!

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