Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hotlanta, balloons, and birthday parties! [image heavy]

This Weekend Luke and I headed to "hot-lanta" for 2 super kids birthday parties!
It was fun to get away and spend some time with one of our favorite families.
The Whittaker's
Carlos, Heather, Sohaila, Seanna, & Losiah

It was a joint bday party for Losiah, and Sohaila:
(and super sister Seanna)

It was a "balloon themed party" which was so cute and Heather did such a great job at coming up with great ideas for it!

(also can't get enough of this amazing blue couch, i pray i find a vintage jewel as good as this some day)

and awesome "dr. Seus cake" with popping of balloons instead of candles!

a balloon filled room, which definitely entertained the kids the whole time, and scared all of us every time one popped!
amazing porch.. precious Los, after his haircut! :)

Before and after of the balloon pops! sugar cookies on a stick! (dream)

(it took all i had to color in the lines while decorating these bad boys, and i only had to do a few!)

And this my friends, is what happens, when you throw a balloon party, sooner or later it was bound to happen. :)

After we left yesterday Luke said to me, "im so glad we get to be apart of that."
I knew what he meant, but i made him explain anyways. And its totally true. I am so glad that we have so many amazing friends. And im so glad to be apart of their lives, and have them in ours.
We are blessed.
Happy Weekending to ya!


anna naphtali said...

what a grand party!

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

adorable pictures! looks like so much fun :)

Jennifer said...

What a fun little party! I love all the balloons!